Our Leasing and Property Management Services

Don’t make the first biggest mistake most landlords make by putting the first tenant prospects that comes along into your property without having them properly screened and checked out. It’s easy for landlords to make the wrong emotionally motivated financial decisions. It is much easier and less expensive in the long run when you factor in your time and the added risk to let us do the work for you.

The second biggest mistake is allowing a company with independent sales agents that are not specialized in and dedicated exclusively to leasing and management to place a tenant in your property with no responsibility or incentive beyond a leasing commission.

Leasing Services:

  • Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC is a full service Real Estate Leasing and Property Management Company. We also provide Buyer Broker services for Real Estate Investors. “Our Success is measured by the Satisfaction of our clients”
  • At Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC, we provide every Client and Investor with unparalleled professional, prompt, and courteous service.


Property Preparation:

  • We meet with all property owners, if locally available to evaluate the property and make recommendations to prepare your property in order to obtain the optimal monthly rental amount. We preview all properties which includes digital pictures of interior, exterior and common areas for your file. Per request, we will prepare a detailed inspection report for your review of any necessary required items for safety and code compliance. This cant be helpful for out of state owner's needing updates.
  • Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC will coordinate any and all repairs per your request and upon receipt of Owner Reserve funds.
  • All properties must become Tenant move in ready as soon as possible.


Marketing and Analysis:

  • Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC will conduct an extensive marketing analysis prior to marketing your rental property. We work to obtain additional rental income and maximize the gross rental rates while seeking the best long term tenant prospects. The analysis works with determining the optimal monthly rental amount for your property, by utilizing a wide range of professional resources. This will provide us with the latest rental rates and enable our leasing agents to maximize rental income and minimize the days of vacancy.
  • Our extensive marketing strategies have proven well in filling long term rental properties. Along with our networking, social media marketing, and corporate affiliations, we place property information and photos of your rental on our website which has produced a quality national and international clientele of leasing prospects.
  • Multiple ads are placed on other rental property websites, yard signage and the multiple listing services, exposing it to thousands of local Realtors and potential tenants. Our experienced staff is available during normal business hours and weekends for showings.


Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC provides maintenance and repair service 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, allowing tenants to reach Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC quickly and placing a vendor to your property as soon as possible to handle any maintenance or repair issues.


Lease Preparation:

  • Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC will prepare extensive rental and lease agreements conforming to Oklahoma Landlord Tenant Act for managed properties.
  • This will also include all disclosures and addendums required by Oklahoma Law in order to secure your tenant and protect you during the lease term of occupancy.


Applicant Qualifying Process:

  • Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC will thoroughly review each prospective tenant’s rental history, including prior evictions, court house records and personal internet searches available (unless otherwise noted by owner, felony convictions associated with acts of violence or drugs within the last 10 years will not be accepted). Tenant’s current employment and stated income, contact your new tenant’s previous landlord(s) to verify payment history and care of property. Visit current local leased property to evaluate move out property condition, per owner request.
  • We always present the processed application information to you for a discussion if required and requested. Often, the decision is easy as the applicant has a good rental history, adequate income, and meets other requirements such as pet restrictions. Other times, the applicant may have a good rental history but experiencing relocation for a new job or other circumstances that require further discussion and consultation with you.


Monthly Statements:

  • Rent is collected via drop off, mailing, electronic transfer or direct deposit to Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC.
  • A computerized monthly statement describing payment activity with original invoices for all expenses associated with your property are provided. The previous month will be dispersed on a monthly basis along with the monies owed after expenses by the 10th day of the following month rents are collected. (example: Jan. rent is due and collected by Jan. 5th and distributed to owner by Feb. 10th)
  • We will also present you with the annual 1099MISC income statement required by Federal and State Governments. 1099MISC forms will be mailed to Owner's personal maling address or sent via e-mail per request.


Owner Distributions:

  • Mailed Distributions:

          -Owner distributions and monthly statements can be mailed to owner’s personal mailing address

  • Bank Deposited Distributions:*

          -Mailed to owner’s banking institution with provided deposit slips.

          -Hand delivered deposits into owner’s account with provided deposit slips, if banking in same institution used by Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC.

*Bank deposited distributions will receive an email copy of monthly report with deposit receipt and any expense invoices. We have found this to be most convenient for our international and ex-patriot clientele.

Semi Annual Inspections:

  • Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC believes in preventative maintenance. We will check for tenant required change of furnace and air filters, smoke detector batteries, and check all faucets and drains for proper working condition. We also will inspect for visible foundation and structural stress cracks and any tenant caused damage exceeding normal wear and tear. A detailed report and digital photos of inspection can be forwarded to owner upon request.


Coordinate Move-In of New Tenant:

  • Home Life Leasing & Property Management, LLC will collect the first month’s rent and security deposit prior to your tenant’s scheduled move-in. We meet with your new tenant and ensure all agreements have been properly executed prior to tenant’s move-in. We have all tenants complete and sign a “Statement of Condition” report verifying the condition and acceptance of the property at the time of tenant’s move-in.
  • We will also instruct your tenant per lease agreement regarding rental payment, lease terms, and required property maintenance.
  • Carpet cleaning and locks re-keying (for tenant’s security and owner’s and management’s protection from liability) are required prior to tenant move in on all managed properties. Property will also be professionally cleaned if necessary prior to move in.


Lease Commission fee rates:

  • 75% of one month’s gross rents for locating qualified tenants.


Management fee rates:

  • Call us for management fee rates.



We look forward to the opportunity of serving you.